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Manufacturing Designer & Fabricator Of Heavy Duty Pallet Rack, All Kind Of Portable Cabins & Structure.

We are engaged in manufacturing of Slotted Angles - Storage System, Heavy Duty Pallet Rack and Shelving Products for past 20 years. Our in-house foundry in Gujarat State coupled with inexpensive but skilled Indian labors has helped us to offer most competitive prices for Mfg Storages - Flexible - Shelving systems .This has helped us to achieve 50% cumulative growth since last 5 years.

Our specialty is in products like complete line of storage products that includes Mfg Slotted Angles with various sizes, lengths and thickness. Strips, Mild Steel (Mfg) Panels. Mfg Cladding Sheets, Mfg Corner Plates , Mfg Nuts and Bolts, PVC Rubbers Shoes, Mfg Front Guards, Mfg Partition Plates, Stack Bins, Simple Racks Systems, Light Duty Racks....

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

Warehouse space is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive and hence need to manage space effectively is coming to the fore. Smarter space management not only reduces cost involved in material handling by cutting down the time required to store material and retrieve but also improves housekeeping, while improving cubic space utility. Overall material handling and holding costs can be reduced by aggregating material into unit loads. It is therefore essential to conceive of solutions that can hold / carry heavy loads while utilising vertical space. Also individual locations for these unit loads are essential for easy storage / retrieval of material.

Our heavy duty components manage cubic space in your shop floor or warehouse effectively to help you reduce material handling and holding costs while improving productivity. The Flexibility ansd versatlity of these components allow you to configure system, which is virtually tailor made to meet your specific requirement. 100% accessibility offered to stored material also helps in reducing damage and improving inventory control and audit.

UPRIGHTS : Uprights are offered in lipped 'C' or box sections 10 fold in thickness of 2 mm, 2.5 mm and 3.15 mm depending on the load. They can be provided in various heights upto 6000 mm. Angular slots are provided at a pitch of 75 mm to engage with lips of the beam connectors. For assembling the upright frame, two uprights are joined together with bracing brackets and bracing angles.

BEAMS : Beams are offered in Lipped 'C' or box sections, depending on the load to be supported and span of the beam. Beam span can be upto 3000 mm and load per level upto 3000 kgs. UDL.

BEAM CONNECTORS : Two beam connectors are firmly welded to the ends of the beam. Angular lips of beam connectors wedge against angular slots, provided on the uprights. This wedging action imparts high degree of rigidity and stability to the installation.